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Student Showcase

Below you can find our course showreels from recent years, some examples of where our graduates have workedand the projects they have contributed to, as well as some of the best work from our current students. This gives a small sample of the type of work and the range of skills developed during our games courses and the employment potential our graduates have when they leave us.

Students that would like work to be considered for inclusion in this showcase should contact the site administrators.

Course Showreels

Summer, 2018

Summer, 2017

Summer, 2016

Graduate Profiles

Our graduates have worked on an enormous range of titles, from big budget console and PC games, to small independent titles, as well as mobile, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications. Graduate work includes:

Alexia Christofi

Graduated 2015
Producer at SIEE

View more of Alexia's work on her LinkedIn profile.

Luke Wilkins

Graduated 2013
Environment Artist at Rockstar Games

View more of Alexia's work on her LinkedIn profile.

Zach Howard-Smith

Graduated 2017
Programmer at Climax Studios

View more of Zach's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Robert Fraser

Graduated 2017
VR Technical Artist at Framestore

View more of Robert's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Niall Weedon

Graduated 2015
Software Engineer at IBM Hursley Laboratories

View more of Niall's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Matthew Roper

Graduated 2016
Programmer at Unity Technologies

View more of Matthew's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Alex Charlwood

Graduated 2016
UI Programmer at Splash Damage

View more of Alex's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Chris Millin

Graduated 2014
Programmer at Codemasters

View more of Chris' work on his LinkedIn profile.

Hannah Peratopoullos

Graduated 2011
Development Manager at Creative Assembly

View more of Hannah's work on her LinkedIn profile.

Ian Edwards

Graduated 2013
Maths Development Manager at Ash Gaming

View more of Ian's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Josh Baker

Graduated 2013
Founder & Programmer at Quarter Circle Games

View more of Josh's work on his LinkedIn profile.

Work from Current Students and Recent Graduates

Quarter Circle Games: The Peterson Case

Founded by Josh Baker following his graduation in 2013, Quarter Circle Games also currently employs Mark Silvester, a 2014 graduate. Their first game, The Peterson Case, is a first-person horror game that takes place around the 1947 Roswell incident and is due for release across PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The company was also named in Creative England's CE50 list of the most exciting, innovative and disruptive creative companies and individuals across the country.

Square Mountain: No Trace

Square Mountain was formed by a group of students in their self-employed placement year. Their prototype of No Trace earned them a publishing deal and they are currently working on completing the game having successfully completed their degrees.

Ben Lavender, Guy Buresh, Jack Cullen, Pierre McDougall, and Adam Cleaver: Maze Mayhem (Paper Prototype)

Paper Prototyping is part of a larger prototyping unit in the second year of the course. This is an example of a particularly well-developed concept that was thoroughly playtested and iterated and wrapped up in a tongue-in-cheek promotional video to boot.